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   Alpha Power Supply Module A06B-6077-Hxxx, 6081-Hxxx Series

    Alpha Power Supply Module A06B-6087-Hxxx, 6091-Hxxx Series

    Alpha-i Power Supply Module A06B-6110-Hxxx, 6115-Hxxx series

    Alpha-i Power Supply Module A06B-6140-Hxxx series

    Alpha-HVi Power Supply Module A06B-6120-Hxxx series

    Alpha-iB Power Supply Module A06B-6200-Hxxx series

Fanuc Spindle, Servo Amplifier and Power Supply Module advantages include
The energy efficient solution with power source regeneration and low loss power devices. 
Modular structure with αiPS-B (power supply), αiSP-B (spindle amplifier), and αiSV-B (servo amplifier) 
Compact amplifier unit for 1 spindle & 3 axes 
Built-in Leakage Detection function 
Safe Torque Off function in servo and spindle amplifier 
Quick maintenance by circuit board and fan replacement without disassembly
75/100kW spindle amplifier (400V) with high-efficiency SIC (silicon carbide) power circuit available 
Various power supply modules αiPSs-B with sinusoidal input stabilized DC link 
SSM modules for voltage protection of spindle and servo amplifier

  Cooling Fans

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