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A06B-6200 B65412E Manual

A06B-6200-H003 aiPS 3-B

A06B-6200-H008 aiPS 7.5-B

A06B-6200-H011 aiPS 11-B

A06B-6200-H015 aiPS 15-B

A06B-6200-H026 aiPS 26-B

A06B-6200-H030 aiPS 30-B

A06B-6200-H037 aiPS 37-B

A06B-6200-H055 aiPS 55-B

The A06B-6200 αi-B series amplifiers employs a modular structure, and
is thinner, conserves more space, outputs less heat, and saves more energy.

Compact size 
(1) A latest low-loss power device and a newly developed highly-efficient radiator are used to provide
compact amplifiers.
(2) The shape of the cable connector is improved to reduce the length of cable projection into the

Energy saving
(1) All models from small- to large-capacity ones use power regeneration as standard to save energy.
(2) A latest low-loss power device is used to output less heat.

Improved maintainability
(1) A radiator cooling fan motor can now be replaced without removing the unit from the power
magnetic cabinet.

(2) The smart trouble shooting function allows you to check diagnostic information useful for locating
the cause of a servo or spindle alarm on the CNC screen.
(3) The input voltage of the Power Supply can now be monitored, which makes it easier to locate the
cause of an alarm issued due to an abnormality in the input power supply.
(4) Connectors are attached to the input power lines and motor power lines, which makes it easier to
replace a servo amplifier with another one.
(5) The need to perform reference position return operation after servo amplifier replacement is


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