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Fanuc i-series Controls 

Ultra-compact Fanuc i-series control 16i, 18i, and 21i controls were first introduced in late 1990. Over 20 years later, many are still in operation. However, due to environmental contaminations (oil, coolant, dirt), reliability becomes an issue and some of them will outright fail. The closest consumer product comparison to Fanuc i-series controls will be laptop computers. Having said that, if you have ever attempted to troubleshoot or repair a laptop, you know that disassembling is not an easy task. Couple that with the availability of sub-modules and parts and the risk of data loss could mean major downtime.
We at KFASLLC have been troubleshooting and repairing Fanuc i-series controls. We have comprehensive spare parts and complete control units to efficiently turn around your i-series CNC control. Control wash/ test, troubleshooting service 




Fanuc CNC Alarm App for your smart phone

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