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Alarm List for A06B-6114-Hxxx A06B-6117-Hxxx 

Alpha Series Servo Amplifer Modules are equipped with LEDs  to indicate alarm condition.


A06B-6114-Hxxx A06B-6117-Hxxx B63282E Manual

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Alarms Meaning and action to be taken

Alarm     Meaning
1              Internal Fan Stopped (FAL)
2              Low control power voltage (LV5V)
5              Low DC link voltage (LVDC)
8              L-axis over-current (HCL)
9              M-axis over-current (HCM)
A              N-axis over-current (HCN) 
b             L & M-axis over-current
C             M & N-axis over-current
d             L & N-axis over-current
E              L, M, N -axis over-current
8.             L-axis IPM alarm (IPML)
9.             M-axis IPM alarm (IPMM)
A.             N-axis IPM alarm (IPMN) 
b.            L & M-axis IPM alarm
C.            M & N-axis IPM alarm
d.            L & N-axis IPM alarm
E.             L, M, N-axis IPM alarm

Alarm Code 6 (NOT "b")
    (1) Meaning Inverter: overheat
    (2) Cause and troubleshooting
        (a) Check that the motor is being used at or below its continuous
        (b) Check that the cooling capacity of the cabinet is sufficient
        (inspect the fans and filters).
        (c) Check that the ambient temperature is not too high. (d)Replace
        the SVM.

Alarm Code F
    (1) Meaning Inverter: cooling fan stopped of the radiator
    (2) Cause and troubleshooting
        (a) Check whether there is any foreign material in the fan.
        (b) Check that the fan connector is attached correctly.
        (c) Replace the fan. (d)Replace the SVM.

Alarm Code P
    (1) Meaning Communication error between amplifier and module
    (2) Cause and troubleshooting
        (a) Check the connector and cable (CXA2A/B).
        (b) Replace the control printed-circuit board.
        (c) Replace the SVM.