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  FSSB Servo Amplifiers A06B-6096-Hxxx

368 or 369 Alarms may Occur when Replacing an FSSB Servo Amplifier  

I. Introduction

When the A06B-6096-Hxxx servo amplifiers used with the 16i/18i/21i/160i/180i/210i are replaced, with the new amplifiers SPC 368 or SPC 369 alarms may occur. This is because the older series of 9090 or 90A0 servo software, which is contained in the Flash ROM module of the CNC control is not compatible with the newer amplifiers.

II. Procedure

To find the current revision of servo software contained in the CNC control, press the "SYSTEM" key on the MDI/CRT keyboard. Then select the [SYSTEM] softkey beneath the display to go to the System Configuration page. Page down until you see either 9090 or 90A0 listed. The number to the right of that will be the revision. The revision levels affected are

Software Series and Revisions

9090 Ver. 11 or earlier

90A0 Ver. 04 or earlier












If you have 9090 (revision 11 or earlier) or 90A0 (revision 04 or earlier)

you will need to upgrade the servo software in order to use the newer FSSB amplifiers.

The upgraded servo software will work with both the older and newer amplifiers.