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A06B-6079-H201  SVM2-12/12



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Dimensions (H 380 x W 60 x D 172 mm)

Rated Input: 283-325VDC 1.5 kW

Rated Output Current: L axis 3.0A, M axis 3.0A

A06B6079H201 B65165E Manual

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A06B-6079-H201 S1 S2 Jumper

A06B-6079-H201 Alarms Meaning and action to be taken

Alarm     Meaning
1              Internal Fan Stopped (FAL)
2              Low control power voltage (LV5V)
5              Low DC link voltage (LVDC)
8              L-axis over-current (HCL)
9              M-axis over-current (HCM)
A              N-axis over-current (HCN) 
b             L & M-axis over-current
C             M & N-axis over-current
d             L & N-axis over-current
E              L, M, N -axis over-current
8.             L-axis IPM alarm (IPML)
9.             M-axis IPM alarm (IPMM)
A.             N-axis IPM alarm (IPMN) 
b.            L & M-axis IPM alarm
C.            M & N-axis IPM alarm
d.            L & N-axis IPM alarm
E.             L, M, N-axis IPM alarm


Fanuc Servo Amplifier A06B-6079-H201 Alarm 8, Alarm 9, or Alarm A indicates high current or short circuit in the servo amplifier or motor.

Troubleshooting Steps for Alarm-8, Alarm-9, or Alarm-A
(1) Power off the machine. Remove the power line wires from the servo amplifier terminals, and be sure to place them so that there is no chance or shorting out something in the electrical cabinet. Power ON the machine/ control and release an emergency stop. If an abnormal current alarm occurs, go to (3). If not, go to (2). 

(2) Check for insulation between PE and each of the removed power wires U, V, and W.  Good/ acceptable insulation is in the order of several HUNDRED MEGA OHMS or higher.  
If not, disconnect the power wires from the motor.  Then check for insulation again between PE and each of the U, V, and W terminals on the motor itself. If there is a short circuit between PE and  U, V, or W of the motor, replace the motor. If motor insulation is tested good, replace the motor power wires.

Fanuc Alpha Servo A06B-6079-H201 features
high power and high acceleration due to optimum winding design and effective cooling structure.
Increased torque at low speed range
High precision and high resolution pulse coder feedback (1000000 pulses/revolution)
Available with both 200V input and 400V input
Compact size with latest intelligent Power Module (IPM) technology.
Utilize power source regeneration technology to return regeneration energy of the motor to a power source. 
Compared with the resistor regeneration, power consumption is largely reduced.

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