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A06B-6091-H145  PSM-45HV

Rated INPUT: 400-460VAC  93A@400V  50Hz/60Hz  3-phase

Rated OUTPUT: 566-651VDC  50kW

Weight 10.7kg 

Dimension: (W x H x D): 150mm x 380mm x 307mm

A06B6091H145 B65162E Manual

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 A06B-6091-H145 Alpha Series Power Supply Module is equipped with External cooling fan A90L-0001-0335/B and Internal cooling fan A90L-0001-0422

A06B-6091-H145 Alarms Meaning and action to be taken
AL-01 : Overcurrent in the Main Power Module.
AL-02 : Cooling Fan Stopped.
AL-03 : The temperature of the main circuit heat sink has risen abnormally.
AL-04 : The DC Voltage has dropped.
AL-05 : The main Capacitor was not recharged within the specified time.
AL-06 : The Input Power Supply is Abnormal.
AL-07 : In the main circuit the DC Voltage is abnormally high.

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A06B-6087-H137 is also compatible with A06B-6087-H137#EM and A06B-6087-H137#RS

Recommended AC Reactor for A06B-6087-H137 is A81L-0001-0124