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RS232 serial communication setup   Memory /data backup procedures Helpful videos on Youtube  
       Fanuc 16i/ 18i/ 21i SRAM backup  
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  Fanuc 16/18 Alarm 700/701
Fanuc hardware identification  CNC Documents on GE Fanuc website  
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Identify Daito fuses (green/ clear/ black)    
Identifying Fanuc control on Mori Seiki    
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Fanuc 10/11 Alarms Fanuc 10/11 Master PCB LED Status  
Fanuc 15 Alarms AC Spindle A06B-6052 Alarms  
Fanuc 16/18 Alarms AC Spindle A06B-6055 Alarms  
Fanuc 16i/21i Alarms AC Spindle A06B-6044 Alarms  
Fanuc 6 Alarms Alpha-i Unit Cooling Fan List  
Alpha PSM 6077/ 6087 Alarms A06B-6059-Hxxx Model 1S-3S  
Alpha SPM 6078/ 6088/ 6102 Alarms A06B-6059-Hxxx Model 6S-26S  
Alpha SVM 6079/ 6096 Alarms LCD and LCD backlights  
Alpha-i PSM 6110 Alarm    
Alpha-i SPM Alarms    
Alpha-i SVM Alarms    
Alpha-i Cooling Fans