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  Setting up RS232 serial communication with Fanuc controls  
Most FanucŪ controls are equipped with serial communication (RS232C) port which can be used to connect with personal computers (PCs) and laptop computers. The following steps are designed to help you configure your Fanuc control for RS232 communication.  
 (1) Making RS232 cable  
 (2) Setting up communication related parameters  
     (a) Fanuc Series 6  
     (b) Fanuc Series 10/11/15  
     (c) Fanuc Series 0  
     (d) Fanuc Series 16/18/21  
 Download a FREE copy of NCnet Lite from CADEM. This software is a fully functional RS232 communication software. Click here to go to CADEM home page to download it.

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Click here for additional setup information on NCnet Lite from CADEM