What Fanuc control is on your Mori Seiki Machine?  
        In the early 80's and mid 80's Mori Seiki offered a choice of CNC controls to the buyers between Yasnac and Fanuc. However, since late 80's Mori Seiki has been utilizing exclusively Fanuc CNC. It is sometimes difficult to determine what model Fanuc CNC is equipped on a Mori Seiki since Fanuc CNC model is no longer prominently displayed on the control panel. Instead, you will see something like "MF-T4" (actually a Fanuc 0TC control) or MSC-500 (Fanuc 21iTA control). The following is the list of Fanuc controls used on Mori Seiki machines along with their corresponding Mori Seiki designations.

Mori Seiki control designation

Corresponding Fanuc CNC model

    Commonly used on

MF-T4 0TC     SL-25, ZL-200, SL-35, ZL-15, TL-40, AL-2, AL-22
MF-T5 15TA     SL-80, SL-35  
MF-T6 16TA     ZL-15, ZL-150, SL-00, SL-65, Sl-15, SL-35
MF-M4 0MC     MV-40A, MV-40B, M300  
MF-M5 15MA     MV-80, MH-63  
MF-M6 16MA     MV-40, MV-65  
MSC-500 21iTA(lathe), 21iMA(mill)     SL-150, MV-50, CL-25  
MSC-501 18iTA(lathe), 18iMA(mill)     ZL-250, SH-400, ZL-200  
MSC-502 16iTA(lathe), 16iMA(mill)     SH-500, SH-630  

    * With very few exceptions, Fanuc CNC used on Mori Seiki machines have the same specifications as the corresponding standard Fanuc CNC models. By this, we mean that they utilize standard Fanuc hardware such as printed circuit boards (PCBs), power supplies, spindle units, servo units, amplifiers etc. KFAS stock Fanuc parts that are common used on your Mori Seiki machine.