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If you require field service to troubleshoot and repair your Fanuc CNC control, please email us at and let us know where you are located at. We have a network of qualified CNC field service engineers and technicians nationwide that we can refer to assist you.

In addition to providing expert troubleshooting and repair service on Fanuc and GE Fanuc CNCs, technicians can offer "CNC System Evaluation and Preventative Maintenance Recommendation" Service.

This service include:

  • Perform data back up (NC parameters, PMC/DGN parameters etc.)

  • Identify and create a list of Fanuc parts in your system for future reference.

  • Review all manuals necessary for your machine, CNC and drives and recommend what you need to obtain.

  • Provide an evaluation of your current maintenance parts and make additional recommendation to minimize your down time.


Additional service charges at our published rates apply if CNC requires trouble shooting and repair.