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 *All parts are reconditioned unless otherwise noted.
 Part Number Description Price  
A20B-8100-0264 Symbolic CapiT board (16iB/18iB) A20B81000264
A20B-2001-0840 7.2 inch LCD unit control PCB   A20B20010840
A20B-8100-0410 9.5 inch LCD unit control PCB   A20B81000410
A20B-2000-0600 PCMCIA Card Interface   A20B20000600
A16B-3200-0150 RISC-B Processor Board   A16B32000150
A16B-2202-0851 Option 2   A16B22020851
A20B-8001-0120 Ethernet PCB   A20B80010120
A20B-8100-0135 18i Main CPU board  
A02B-0236-C262 Fanuc Hard Drive (See details below)  Price: $325 (including UPS GND shipment in the US)
What's included: Fanuc Hard drive(HDD) with mounting assembly. HDD is fully functional and all data is readable. Came out of a Fanuc open CNC (see datasheet for more information. Datasheet is provided for information ONLY. You are purchasing HDD & mounting assembly ONLY. We will provide a CD copy (mirror image of the HDD and NOT the installtion CDs) on CD. Please review the following pictures on more information on software installed on HDD.
File list 1 File list 2 File list 3 File list 4
Datasheet of the control where the HDD was removed from.    
A16B-2202-0630 Fanuc Data Server board
View pictures: 1   2   3   4 A16B22020630    
 Part Number Description Price  
A20B-1003-0120 AC Spindle Wiring PCB


A20B-1003-0010 AC Spindle PCB


A06B-6059-H218 AC Spindle  $2850 A06B6059H218
We have limited quantity of the following parts in stock. Please email us for latest on pricing and availability.
A16B-1000-0030 Fanuc 6T/M Master PCB $1000 A16B10000030
A20B-0008-0430 Fanuc 6T/M CRT/Puncher $500 A20B00080430
A16B-3200-0150     A16B32000150
A16B-2200-0913     A16B22000913
A16B-1110-0330     A16B11100330
A16B-1010-0190     A16B10100190
A20B-0008-0410     A20B00080410
A16B-1010-0050     A16B10100050
A20B-1000-0690     A20B10000690
A20B-1001-0120     A20B10010120
A06B-6070-H500     A06B6070H500
A02B-0259-C180     A02B0259C180
A16B-1211-0250     A16B12110250
A20B-1000-0560/13F     A20B10000560
A16B-2203-0110     A16B22030110
A20B-8100-0410     A20B81000410
A16B-1210-0322     A16B12100322
A16B-2200-0390     A16B22000390
A16B-2200-0391     A16B22000391
A16B-1212-0210     A16B12120210
A16B-2200-0700     A16B22000700
A16B-1310-0380     A16B13100380
A16B-1300-0220     A16B13000220
A20B-9000-0180     A20B90000180
A16B-1600-0440     A16B16000440
A20B-1000-0800     A20B10000800
A03B-0807-C011 AIF01A   A03B0807C011
A03B-0807-C155 AOD32C1   A03B0807C155
A03B-0807-C106 AID32F1   A03B0807C106
A03B-0807-C051 AAD04A   A03B0807C051
A03B-0807-C002 ABU05A   A03B0807C002
A20B-1000-0852     A20B10000852
A16B-2200-0660     A16B22000660
A20B-0008-0240     A20B00080240
A20B-0008-0032     A20B00080032
A06B-6093-H402     A06B6093H402
A50L-0001-0209 IGBT $550 A50L00010209
A20B-2901-0765 21B Memory/ Spindle Module A20B29010765
A16B-2203-0370 Power Supply A16B22030370
A16B-3200-0326 21i Main CPU $2100 A16B32000326
A20B-3300-0032 Servo control 4 Axes $680 A20B33000032
A20B-3300-0070 CPU Card $514 A20B33000070
A20B-3900-0042 DRAM 4MB $200 A20B39000042
A20B-3900-0053 SRAM 256K $200 A20B39000053
A20B-3900-0074 FROM 4MB $250 A20B39000074