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Fanuc Series 6T/ 6M/ 6TA/ 6MA/

 6TB/ 6MB  
    A20B-0007-0010   Master PCB 6TA/ 6MA  
    A20B-0008-0410   Master PCB 6TB/ 6MB  Repair price $1000**
    A16B-1000-0030   Master PCB 6TB/ 6MB level up  Repair price $1000**
    A20B-0008-0480   ROM PCB 6TB/ 6MB II  
    A16B-1200-0150   ROM PCB 6TA/ 6MA  
    A20B-0007-0040   I/O PCB  
    A20B-0008-0540   I/O PCB  
      Price      Exchange Credit   Repair
    A20B-0008-0430   CRT/ Puncher PCB $700       $250*                      $300
    A20B-0008-0440   PC- Model B PCB  
    A87L-0001-0015  Bubble Memory (BMU) 20 Meter  
    A87L-0001-0016  Bubble Memory (BMU) 40 Meter  
    A87L-0001-0017  Bubble Memory (BMU) 80 Meter  
    A87L-0001-0018  Bubble Memory (BMU) 320 Meter  
  A14B-0061-B001 Power Supply Unit  
  A14B-0061-B002 Power Supply Unit Repair price $500
  ** Average turn around time on repair is 2-3 business days  
  * Exchange credit is the amount that will be refunded once you return a repairable exchange to us.