Fanuc does not manufacturer certain parts such as cooling fans, batteries and fuses. In order to purchase correct replacement part, you need to identify Fanuc/GE Fanuc part number. The following is the cross reference between the manufacturer's part number and Fanuc/GE Fanuc part number.
We stock limited quantity of these consumable items such as batteries and cooling fans. Please e-mail us at to order these parts. We recommend that customers keep spare cooling fans in stock since the stalled or non working cooling fan will result the CNC controller to be in alarm condition which will result in the machine being inoperable. Cooling fans in the Fanuc controllers are generally not available to purchase locally or from 3rd party sources. In addition to Red (+24V) and Black (0V or neutral) wires, these cooling fans have Yellow wire which is connected to the internal current sensor which monitors the current drawn by the fan motor. Standard cooling fans available at local electronics stores do not have this feature.
   Manufacturer part number   Fanuc part number                        Usage  
Panasonic CR17450SE-R (3 volt)   A98L-0031-0012 Memory backup 15B, 16i/18i/21i, 16B/18B
Panasonic BR-2/3AC2SP (3 volt)   A98L-0031-0006 Memory backup 16B/18B, 16A, 21A, 21B, PowerMate
Panasonic BR-C (3 volt)   A98L-0031-0007 Memory backup 16A/18A  
Panasonic BR-CCF2TH (6 volt)   A98L-0001-0902 Absolute pulse coder alpha series  
  When ordering cooling fans for Fanuc Alpha series Power Supply Modules, Spindle Amp Modules and Servo Amp Modules, it is recommend to check the manufacturer (Panasonic, NMB, Sanyo Denki etc.) part number from the fan itself. Consult the relevant Fanuc manual for instructions on how to disassemble the units. Failure to follow the manufacturer's warning, instructions and safety guideline will result in serious injury or death and damage to your equipment.
  Cooling Fans Fanuc Fan Fanuc Fans
  Manufacturer & Part Number   Fanuc part number


  NMB 3610ML-05W-B49   A90L-0001-0378  Fanuc series 16/ 18 TA, MA, TB, MB, TC, MC CPU cooling fan
  Panaflo FBA06T24H   A90L-0001-0423  A90L-0001-0423/300 (with 300mm cable),
  NMB 2406KL-05W-B59    A90L-0001-0423/150 (with 150mm)
  Panaflo FBK08T24HS   A90L-0001-0422  internal cooling fan for Alpha series Power Supply Module (PSM)
     & Alpha series Spindle Amplifier Module (SPM)
  Panaflo FBK09A24MSA   A90L-0001-0378/A    
  Sanyo 109P0424H6D03   A90L-0001-0385  Sanyo Denki DC Fine Ace 20   with 80mm cable
  Sanyo 109P0424H6D04   A90L-0001-0385/A  Sanyo Denki DC Fine Ace 20   with 95mm cable
  Sanyo 109P0424H6D11   A90L-0001-0385/B  Sanyo Denki DC Fine Ace 20   with 250mm cable
  Sanyo 109P0424H6D14   A90L-0001-0385/T  Sanyo Denki DC Fine Ace 20   with 40mm cable
  Sanyo 109P0424H7D08   A90L-0001-0441  Sanyo Denki DC Fine Ace 15  with 70mm cable
  Sanyo 109P0424H7D13   A90L-0001-0441/100  Sanyo Denki DC Fine Ace 15  with 100mm cable
  Sanyo 109P0424H7D20   A90L-0001-0441/39  Sanyo Denki DC Fine Ace 15  with 39mm cable
  Toyo UTHS457C   A90L-0001-0335/B  AC 220V  
  Style Electric US12D23   A90L-0001-0335/B    
  We do not stock the following fans. Please contact Fanuc America (18883268287) / GE Fanuc(1800GEFANUC) to order.
  NMB 1608KL-05W-B39   A90L-0001-0507/B  40mm x 40mm x 20mm  
  We now carry the following fans (Click here to view information on replacement)
  NMB 1608KL-05W-B39   A90L-0001-0510  40mm x 40mm x 20mm  
  NMB 2406KL-05W-B39   A90L-0001-0511  60mm x 60mm x 15mm  
  NMB 1608KL-05W-B39   A90L-0001-0507/A  40mm x 40mm x 20mm  
  NMB 2410ML-05W-B39   A90L-0001-0508  60mm x 60mm x 25mm  
  NMB 4715KL-05W-B39   A90L-0001-0509  119mm x 119mm x 38.4mm