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Identifying your Fanuc/ GE Fanuc CNC  
In most cases you should be able to determine the type of Fanuc/ GE Fanuc CNC from the relevant manual and documentations that come with your machine. However, if you are unable to identify the control, the following general information may help.

Control designation: Example Fanuc/ GE Fanuc series 0M-C denotes Series 0 model C (as oppose to model A or B) for Milling machines.

M for Milling Machines

T for Turning/ Lathe Machines

TT for Twin Turret Machines

G for Grinding Machines

P for Punch Presses

  • Early generation Fanuc CNCs (such as Fanuc 200B, 2000C, 3000C, 5T, 3TA, 3MA, 6TA, 6MA) have MDI/DPL units and no CRT. Some Fanuc 3T, 3M, 6TA and 6MA controls are available with CRT or commonly refer to as monitors.                
  • Fanuc 6TB, 6MB, 10TA, 10TE, 10TF, 11TA, 11TTA, 11MA, 11MF, 10M, 15TA, 15TF, 15MA, 15MF, 0MA, 0MB, 0MC, 0TA, 0TB, 0TC, 0MF controls have either 9 inch or 14 inch (measured diagonally as in your television set). 14 inch CRT is color display and 9 inch is mono chrome (green).                                                                                                             
  • Fanuc 16TA, 16TB, 16TC, 18TA, 18TB, 18TC, 16MA, 16MB, 16MC, 18MA, 18MB, 18MC, 21TB, 21MB, 0MD, 0TD controls are available with 9 inch, 14 inch CRTs or LCD display of various size (like in notebook or laptop PCs). Fanuc 16iTA, 18iTA, 16iMA, 18iMA, 21iTA, 21iMA controls comes standard with LCD displays.

Click on the links below to view some sample pictures

Fanuc series 3000C

Fanuc series 5T
Fanuc series 6T
General Numeric 6 (GN 6)
Fanuc series 10/11 (14 inch CRT shown)
Fanuc series 0M
Fanuc series 0T
Fanuc/ GE Fanuc series 15
Fanuc/GE Fanuc series 21
Fanuc/GE Fanuc series 16i/18i
Fanuc/GE Fanuc series 18T
Fanuc/ GE Fanuc series 18M
Fanuc 9" CRT A61L-0001-0093 for 0/16/18/21 controls
Fanuc 14" CRT A61L-0001-0096 for 16/18 controls
Identifying servo amplifiers (velocity control unit)
Several generation of Fanuc/GE Fanuc servo amplifiers are in existence today. Earlier servos are DC type and later (mid 80's on) Fanuc introduced AC type servo amplifiers. Servo amplifier unit or velocity control unit part number designation is as follow.    A06B-60xx-Hyzz.  
  • if xx in above part designation is 42, 45, or 47     (i.e. A06B-6042, A06B-6045 or A06B-6047), the unit is DC servo amplifier               A06B-6047-Hxxx
  • if xx is 50 or 57 (A06B-6050, A06B-5057), the unit is AC Analog servo
  • if xx is 58, 66, or 90 (A06B-6058, A06B-6066, A06B-6090), the unit is AC Digital servo A06B-6058-Hxxx and A06B-6066-Hxxx Drives
  • if xx is 79, 89, or 96 (A06B-6079, A06B-6089, A06B-6096), the unit is Alpha AC servo A06B-6079-Hxxx and A06B-6096-Hxxx Drives
  • y signifies number of axes that a particular servo amplifier is controlling. If y is 0 or 1, it is a single axis unit. If y = 2 it is a dual axis unit and if y = 3 then it is a 3 axis amplifier unit. Therefore, A06B-6058-H203 part number indicates that it is a AC servo digital dual axis amplifier.

Identifying Servo Motors
Fanuc servo motors can be identified as to whether they are AC or DC by the color of the end-caps on the motor.