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  Calling Facility Managers and Maintenance Managers
We know you work hard to keep your team motivated, engaged and most of all 
to keep your facility running efficiently while keeping the cost down. 
We know you understand that the key to achieving these goals is to keep your 
team equipped with all the tools necessary so that they can perform their best. 
Do you have Fanuc CNC controls at your facility? We at KFAS would like to 
talk to you and work with you to explore ways to how we can be part of the 
solution. Do you know that KFAS stock and repair all Fanuc CNC parts? 
Whether itís for 1980s era Fanuc 6T/6M or the latest Fanuc i-series controls, 
we can help you get your CNC control back up and running when you need it most. 
Most of all, we are also equipped to partner with you on things such as 
preventative maintenance, upgrading your control or improving its performance. 
Our knowledge and experience makes us a unique partner to help you achieve 
your goals. What sets us apart from surplus dealers or big box resellers is that 
we are a small business concentrating on building relations. 
We would love to hear from you anytime not just only when you are in a machine down 
situation. In fact, the best time is when you are thinking about planning ahead. 
Do you have concerns about keeping the maintenance cost under control? 
Or worry about parts availability on an older Fanuc control? 

Does your co-worker in the manufacturing department have questions about 
improving the efficiency and capability of your existing Fanuc control? 
We can help you with all that and more. Please contact us at