Alpha Series Spindle Amplifier Alarm List (A06B-6088-Hxxx, A06B-6102-Hxxx, A06B-6078-Hxxx)
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"A" Program Rom abnormality (Not Installed)

AL-01 Motor Overheat

AL-02 Excessive speed deviation

AL-03 DC Link fuse blown

AL-04 Input fuse blown

AL-05 Control power supply

AL-06 Over Speed

AL-07 Excessive Speed

AL-08 High Input Voltage

AL-09 Excessive load on main circuit section

AL-10 Low input voltage

AL-11 Over-voltage in DC link section

AL-12 Over-current in DC link section

AL-13 CPU Internal data memory abnormality

AL-15 Spindle switch/output switch alarm

AL-16 RAM Abnormality

AL-18 Program ROM checksum error

AL-19 Excessive U phase current detection circuit offset

AL-20 Excessive V phase current detection circuit offset

AL-24 Serial transfer data error

AL-25 Serial transfer data stopped

AL-26 Disconnection of speed detection signal for C's contouring control

AL-27 Position coder signal disconnection

AL-28 Disconnection of position detection signals for C's contouring control

AL-29 Short-time overload

AL-30 Input circuit over current

AL-31 Speed detection signal disconnection motor restraint alarm

AL-32 Abnormality in RAM internal to LSI for serial data transfer

AL-33 Insufficient DC link section charging

AL-34 Parameter data setting beyond allowable range of values

AL-35 Excessive gear ratio data setting

AL-36 Error counter overflow

AL-37 Speed detector parameter setting error

AL-39 Alarm for indicating failure in detecting 1-rotation signal for C's contouring control

AL-40 Alarm for indicating 1-rortation signal for C's contouring control not detected

AL-41 Alarm for indicating failure in detecting position coder 1-ratation signal

AL-42 Alarm for indication position coder 1-rotation not detected

AL-43 Alarm for indicating disconnection of position coder signal for differential speed mode

AL-46 Alarm for indicating failure in detecting position coder 1 rotation signal in thread cutting operation

AL-47 Position coder signal abnormality

AL-48 Position coder 1-rotation signal abnormality

AL-49 The converted differential speed is to high

AL-50 Excessive speed command calculation value in spindle synchronization control

AL-51 Under voltage at DC link section

AL-52 ITP signal abnormality 1

AL-53 ITP signal abnormality 2

AL-54 Overload current alarm

AL-55 Power line abnormality in spindle switching/output switching

AL-56 Cooling fan error. (Replacement cooling Fan  A06B-6078 Drive  A06B-6088 and A06B-6102 Drive)