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Alarm List for A06B-6077-Hxxx A06B-6087-Hxxx 

Alpha Series Power Supply Modules are equipped with LEDs  to indicate alarm condition. 

AL-01 Main circuit power module (IPM) has detected am Error (PSM-5.5,-11)

Over current flows into the input of the main circuit (PSM-15 to 30)

AL-02 Internal cooling fan for the control circuit has stopped     (Replacement cooling Fan  A06B-6077 Drive  A06B-6087 Drive)

AL-03 Temperature of the main circuit heat sink has risen abnormally

AL-04 In the main circuit the DC voltage (DC Link) has dropped

AL-05 Main circuit capacitor was not recharged within the specified time

AL-06 Input Power Supply is abnormal (open phase)

AL-07 DC Voltage at the DC link is abnormally high