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  A06B-6096-H101  SVM1-12   A06B6096H101 A06B-6079-H101 dimensions (H 380 x W 60 x D 172 mm)
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PDF manuals for Alpha Servo Amplifier Module A06B-6096-H101
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Can you spare 2 business days*? Why not let us repair your A06B-6096-H101 for $900. Fanuc A06B-6096-H101 is typically used with Fanuc motor a0.5/3000, a1/3000, a2/2000 and a3/3000
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  Fanuc A06B-6096-H101 Alarms Meaning and action to be taken
AL-1 Internal cooling fan not working. Replace cooling fan. If the unit is contaminated with oil/dirt, we recommend cleaning/testing service from KFAS.
Related Part Numbers AL-8 Abnormal current alarm. Power off the machine. Disconnect the motor leads (U,V,W,G) from the SVM and power up again. If alarm persists, Replace the SVM.
A50L-0001-0273/A AL-2 DC voltage Low. Replace the SVM
A230-0526-X001/B AL-5 DC Link undervoltage. Replace the SVM
A230-0527-X001/A AL-U Optical link error (check and replace optical cable and or SVM)
A230-0527-X002 AL-L Optical link error (check and replace optical cable and or SVM)